Friday, January 29, 2016

“We Will Investigate That but You Should Know That If We Find That You're in the Wrong We Are Going to Come after You.”

(Please share this post with any police officers or HR representatives you know, I’d be interested in hearing what they have the say).

I have a case I’ve been working on involving a fatality in an auto accident. One of the witnesses was following behind one of the cars involved in the accident right before the accident occurred. She stopped to give assistance. She knew information that contradicted the official police report. Although she’s from a small community in which most people know each other, she has no relationship with the victims or parties other than having known one of the deceased in high school over 20 years ago. She tried to provide what she knew immediately prior to the accident. The police officer involved in investigating the accident immediately told her she was lying and that if she tried to give an official statement she would be prosecuted.

Let me acknowledge something. Her perception of what happened may be wrong, but that does not make her a liar.

I have interviewed hundreds of people who have been business owners, management employees, government officials, HR department employees or have been supervisors. I have heard these persons in positions of power say--when interviewing an employee who claimed to have information about wrongdoing or claim to have been a witness to or the victim of a particular type of harassment or discrimination–they started the interviews with such employees with the statement, “if I find out you’re not telling the truth I am going to fire you.”

I have also interviewed hundreds of employees. I have heard many employees indicate that, when they came forward with information that they thought was helpful to the company or the governmental agency because they had been a witness to or victim of wrongdoing, harassment or discrimination, verify that they had been threatened with termination if what they were telling their bosses or HR representatives could not be shown to be the truth. (The other interesting side note is that the same bosses and HR representatives have a problem with recording and often have policies against it).

Let me acknowledge that some employees are incorrect about what they say they have seen, heard or experienced. But that does not make them liars.

Let me further acknowledge that there are a few rare individuals who make up information to report to the police or their employer. When that occurs, action can be taken but threatening somebody with a criminal prosecution or termination will silence good people long before it stops those who purposefully lie.

Here is some actual testimony of a police officer from a police force within the Wasatch front: “We get complaints, there is no question. Nobody is ever happy all the time with police officers and so complaints come in. And when those come in, it's my opinion when you field that complaint as an investigator like that, the first thing that should be said is, ‘Well, if you are willing to fill out a written complaint and -- we will investigate that but you should know that if we find that you're in the wrong we are going to come after you.’”

Why do so many people in positions of power not understand that such attitudes and statements are a problem? Does it surprise us when horrible things go wrong in police forces, corporations, government agencies when such attitudes are shared by those who should know better? It shouldn’t because these wrong-headed attitudes are strongly held by many who do not understand how difficult it is to come forward with information about wrongdoing, harassment and discrimination.

Loren M Lambert © January 23, 2016.

Who Won Republican Debate? Who Lost?

Winner: Fox News--I have to take my hat off--they put on a good debate.

Who lost along with Trump?

We will lose if we elect most of the Republican candidates because they will unnecessarily take us to war, they will arm those who will use those same arms against us, they will alienate our allies and we will stand alone. They will not make us great but will bring us down to the petty level of our enemies, and they will create more terrorists than they will kill, as we return to thinking that belligerence, torture, and destruction perpetrated abroad against those outside the confines of our borders and not under the cloak of our flag of citizenship, will make us safer at home and will not bring the same to be rained down upon our own children.

It is not a war against depraved warlords we fight, it is a war of ideas, philosophies, ideals, ethics and morals. We need to worry more about winning the hearts and minds of those under either the spell or the heel of their oppressors and less about death, war and destruction.
Loren M. Lambert © January 25, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

“Oafissication Atrophic Sympathetic Syndrome” or “OASS” Strikes Seven Out of Ten Affluent White Male Men

I recently learned, in the middle of the night, that I suffer from a mild form of this condition. So I know something about it.

Oafissication is a condition that usually strikes men, rarely women, between their 40s to 60s, and oddly enough, a high percentage of those with a net worth over $500,000. However, it can affect all adults over age 12, during or after puberty, and all socio-economic groups. It is now considered a stage of development or better said, retro-development in many males’ lives, between the height of physical health during a male’s 30's and before aging completely robs them of their virility in their 70's.

It occurs when a person’s incipient thoughts about their material world, incipient business ideas and their unspoken biases and prejudices are transformed into ossified convictions. This usually occurs when a person has reached a certain amount of expertise or excellence in one very narrow realm of study or economic achievement and that person then extrapolates from that success and believes he is competent in all economic endeavors and in all intellectual disciplines.

It also causes a person to believe that everything he says is ingenious- not because it is, but just because they say it and to look back on his or her life and reconstruct it so that everything he has done was a success, whether this is actually the case. He also believes that he is still as attractive as he was in his or her prime and that anyone who pays attention to him are interested solely in him and not his money or positions of power.

Surely and slowly, such persons, without significant intervention, by age 65 to 70 turn irretrievably into an oaf. Some of these oafs are viewed as lovable and endearing grandfathers, depending upon their dispositions, so that their outdated and bad ideas can be seen as simply a remnant of their ignorant pasts, but others become boorish, overbearing and intolerable- especially if they obtain positions of power that give them authority over other human beings.

In his psychological evaluation, the Donald (Trump), was determined to be terminally stricken with this malady. Please send donations to me and I will use them in a manner that advances ameliorating this condition in all those who suffer from it.

Loren M. Lambert, © Jan. 12, 2016.

The Real Dangers of Anthropomorphizing. In Case You Wondered.

I was warned by biology professors not to anthropomorphize animals. I have followed this rule to great benefit–I’ve come late to the (nevertheless very important) movement that even if we use animals for our benefit, we should at the very least make sure they are treated humanely, or at least animal kingdomly.

My professors had no idea about the real dangers ahead- anthropomorphizing my PC, cell phone and laptop. Worse than that, romantopodomestisizing my devices.

I expect them to read my mind, bend to my will, be my constant companions, share in my joys and lighten my burdens and--not only never break down, crash, or passively ignore me--but correct, or at least take the blame when some mis-keying mistake causes me to end up with a computer doing exactly what it was programed to do because of my inadvertent blunders.
 And because they don't, I know, at the bottom of my heart that it's due to some mischievous or malicious motive inside their high capacity memories to mess, spite or prank me. And when they do, they sit back and lol, lmao or luvbaecmt, as I pout, rave and hurl insults at them as if they were listening and as if they cared. Don’t they?

It just drives me crazy!! Why didn't I get that warning!

Don't anthropomorphize or romantopodomestisize your electronic devices!

Unless, however, it’s something that has three or less functions and its easy to power up--then, just like a me and other men--it's pretty easy to figure out, know when to recharge, teach to take out the garbage, put the toilet seat down and bring in a paycheck.

I sometimes miss the days when I was so excited to get a head lamp for Christmas. I didn't anthropomorphize it. I just put it with my back pack and there it sits waiting for me each summer, to hardly ever hear a cross word.

Loren M. Lambert © Jan. 12, 2016.

When I Am President

“When I become president, America will be great again.

Our allies will proclaim our exceptionalism, will recognize my infallibility and will defer to my omniscient knowledge of what is right on all decisions. Our enemies will be so stricken with terror that they either fade into obscurity or will die from fright and all of their relations and children will praise me for saving them from them.

I will resolve all world problems and peace will break out.

All Americans will take comfort in knowing that in our past, present and future, we have done no wrong and those who think otherwise will be shunned and ignored as the miscreants they are.

All our professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and workforce will be superior to all others on earth. And there will be, as my first decree as President, no poor, disabled or downtrodden among us.

Our streets will be paved in gold, our cities will be crime free, and our businesses will be unfettered and only regulated by our markets. There will be full employment. Everyone will be happy.

Our wild places will be left as all wild places should be left- unregulated, unprotected, and open to what anyone can conceive of or desire to do to them, and therefore, truly 'wild.'”
Loren M. Lambert © Jan. 12, 2016.

Narcissism--The Prozac of Our Progression

Even the most self aware need to take measure of areas of their lives that would benefit from improvement in a deliberative and documented way. I've been doing this.

I say this about the "most self aware" because I've always thought of myself as being someone who was highly self aware. The problem is that we are only as self aware as our narcissism allows us to be and narcissism is like that blind spot in our vision that is simply filled in by our brains to be consistent with that which is visible.

If that which is visible is pretty good, who knows what we are hiding in the blind spots. I have a lot of blind spots. So I'm documenting one. Forgivingly, it's probably not as graphic as if I had a videographer following me around 24/7 to record my worst moments, which would probably be enlightening, but perhaps too discouraging.

And isn't that the benefit of having a little narcissism? It's like the Prozac for our progression. It allows us to have the vision of our possibilities always before us as a template we are stepping toward and may some day actually step into. Yet, on the other hand, might it just be a mirage of self deception that we think we have achieved when we have not?

It's both. So I am going to continue my chronicling and steady adjustment so I can truly live up to my own narcissistic view of myself and thereby maybe really end up being be self aware.

Loren M. Lambert © Jan. 12, 2016.

The Problem or The Beauty

Problem is, or the beauty (if that's how you view it) is at this time, opinion and emotion are driving public discourse, and not fact and reason.

As erstwhile Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee might say, the proof is in the pudding and we disagree about how that pudding was made, it's ingredients and what it tells us.

I believe, or my opinion is, that the facts of history and human achievement show that progressives, artists and thoughtful rebels lead and advance civilization and progress and that conservatives reign in the excesses of that progressive vision and help implement and execute the blueprints of that forward vision.

As long as there is freedom, liberty, security and civility, we can find the balance between those two human tendencies.

Any disequilibrium to the extremes lead to greed, envy, hate, tyranny and war.

Loren M. Lambert © Jan. 12, 2016.